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"We have a wide-ranging menu with old favourites such as bacon pudding Chicken and ham pie, a range of tasty roast dinners, to yummy fish dishes like salmon with Hollandaise or poached white fish in white wine sauce.

Or, if you’re residents would like something lighter, we have an extensive List of salad options to choose from.

We don’t just stop at main courses, we also offer traditional puddings such as Apple and Peach crumble, Bakewell tart & Custard as well as many others.

For Soft food residents we also offer soft desserts such as stewed apple & custard, Various flavours of fruit whip, exotic fruit jelly, rice pudding as well as many others.

We also offer a full range of afternoon tea or supper sandwiches and snacks such as Pasties and Sausage rolls and yummy afternoon cream teas and amazing cakes

We understand every establishment is different and care for a variety of residents so we like to offer a short consultation to explain our service and find out how we can best help you and your team and ultimately your guests"

Our service is flexible as your appetite and you can enjoy our meals as little or as often as you wish.
Still have questions? Call us on 01323 643726
Daily menu costs £7.00 for main meal and sides. £1.50 for a freshly prepared dessert.
Have any questions? Just give us a call 01323 643726
We also supply groceries!
Delivering 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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